Monday, March 2, 2015

Pawly at You're Next Career Expo @ MaRS

On January 30, 2015, Pawly attended Canada's largest startup career expo presented by You're Next Career Network. You're Next Career Network is a student run organization out of University of Toronto that provides students with career development assistance as well as corporate and startup career opportunities.

The event took place at MaRS Discovery District, one of Canada's largest innovation hubs that help create successful global businesses from Canada's science, technology and social innovation fields. Pawly is proud to be a community member of MaRS.

Photo credit: MaRS Discover District

Photo credit: YNCN

The expo featured over 70 startups and attracted over 2000 students from all over Ontario. We were happy to discover other great startups there. There was a virtual makeover app by Modiface. Like the name implies, the app modifies your face :). By using your smartphone device, you can try on that lipstick colour you always wanted, or that new hair colour that'll make you feel like Beyoncé. We tried it on, but are too embarrassed to show you our duck faces.

Modiface Booth (Photo credit: YNCN)

Another innovative startup, Onyx Motion is developing an app that uses your smartwatch to learn your movements, and coaches you to play like an experienced athlete. Their first app Swish, coaches you on basketball - from elbow positioning to the arch of your shot! Unfortunately, it won't help you grow taller or jump higher, so keep dreaming!

Swish by Onyx Motion

Back in our booth, we got to demo Pawly and drive it around the building. Pawly was able to navigate its way through the swarm of people with no human or pet or even the Tripod from War of the Worlds stepping on it.

Original Photo by CH33SER

Overall the event was a lot of fun! We had a great time speaking to many talented individuals and students with various educational backgrounds. It was quite motivating. We'll be looking forward to attending more of these events in the near future as our company continues to grow.

Shout out to YEDI who invited us to share their booth with them! YEDI is a charitable organization that provides business education and mentorship to entrepreneurs. As recent grads from their program, it was a great experience to attend the event together.