Friday, May 29, 2015

Pawly at Tech Shuk 2015

On May 11, 2015, Pawly was excited to participate in the first ever Tech Shuk showcase event. Tech Shuk is a start-up showcase and networking event for entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and young professionals.

The event took place at the Toronto Reference Library located at 789 Yonge Street, Toronto. Prior to the event we were like…what? A start-up showcase event at a library; sounds so boring! But OMG! Since when have libraries become so beautiful and contemporary! We were positively shocked and felt its time to step back to the library from time to time.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia
No sooner did we enter than our snappy robot, Pawly, was stunned to see the magnificent interiors and the amazing ambience. Pawly was pumped up! Even saying things like “and why do you need a gym to pump up, when you have places like these ;)” and off Pawly went, charging to the Tech Shuk conference hall.

Toronto Public Library's stunning interiors. Photo Credit: Dennis Marciniak Photoblog
If the interiors were not enough, this was a first evening event that Pawly was attending after a long time; boy was Pawly high or what? We had not seen it that excited and high before :) 

The booth was set up, and we had a score of visitors coming over to experience the super-excited, and ultra-high Pawly! And Pawly didn’t disappoint anyone, as it showed off its cool moves.

Pawly Booth. Photo Credit: JNF Toronto
Besides the demo pit, three companies - WINR Games, Moodi, and Foodee - had the chance to present in front of ‘Lions’, in a Dragon’s Den-style pitching competition – the judges included, Matthew Golden of Golden Venture Partners, Matthew Leibowitz of Plaza Ventures, Ben Zlotnick of INcubes, Daniel Klass of Klass Capital and entrepreneur Yishay Waxman.

WINR Games got the Lion’s Den started! WINR Games delivers free games on their Big Time app and offers a weekly raffle cash prize to players that can go up to $1,000.

WINR Games founder Jeremy Zuckerman making the pitch. Photo Credit: JNF Toronto
Moodi went next! The App allows young people to create an anonymous profile to express and track your emotions and get feedback from the community.

Moodi founder Sharon Zohar making the pitch. Photo Credit: JNF Toronto
Foodee went in last, to conclude the pitching round. They are an office food delivery service that delivers from small popular local restaurants. 

Foodee's pitch. Photo Credit: JNF Toronto

Pawly swinging around the conference hall. Photo Credit: JNF Toronto
 And did we mention…. hors d'oeuvres were served! Pawly was awe struck to have witnessed such an amazing event, and was unwilling to leave the conference hall. We had to run around Pawly to convince it to leave, shouting out that we promise to bring Pawly back at the JNF Tech Shuk next year!

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