Friday, June 19, 2015

Pawly at Tech TO Meetup June 2015

On June 15, 2015, Pawly was exhilarated to participate in the Tech Toronto Meetup for the month of June. Every month Tech Toronto Meetup brings together smart, fun, and creative people from across the full spectrum of Toronto tech community.

Located at the heart of Downtown Toronto, the contemporary and amazingly modern Telus House building played host to this month’s Tech Toronto Meetup.

The magnificent Telus House. Photo Credit: Busler
And yeah, now something about our snappy robot - Pawly had started working out long hours a couple of weeks prior to the event. Already fit and lean, we couldn’t understand Pawly’s recent fitness craze? Finally almost as we were checking into the Telus House, it chose to speak about its gym craze, “You know what guys I’m gonna guzzle up all that free beer an smash a couple of pizzas!” Well well, there you go, we got the answer :)

As soon as we hit the conference room, Pawly grabbed its beer and suddenly started whistling and waving at the visitors, drawing hundreds of visitors at the Pawly booth. 

Pawly Booth
After mingling with tech enthusiasts for about an hour, Pawly grabbed a seat to witness the 5X5 session, a session where 5 Toronto based technology companies make 5 presentations each.

5X5 session about to kick- off
Vantage got the 5X5 started, and shared some of the lessons learned since it launched.

Vantage Presentation
With its powerful predictive analysis and data mining techniques, Vantage, a software product, helps companies to build and optimize incredibly effective marketing campaigns. 

Bitmaker Labs took to the stage next, talked about the jobs in Canada’s tech world, and gave an advise to Toronto budding tech enthusiasts to think like an investor.

Bitmaker Labs' Presentation
Being Canada's largest technology bootcamp, Bitmaker Labs empower tech enthusiasts to build their ideas.
It was Turnstyle next! The presentation captivated the audience by comparing businesses and marketplace with performers and audiences in an Improv session. The advice was simple - continuously adapt, innovate, and act fast!

Turnstyle's Presentation. Photo Credit: Tech Toronto
Turnstyle helps businesses monetize their Wi-Fi by enabling location-based marketing and analytics capabilities.

Amity was invited to the stage next.  The highlight of the presentation was the advice offered to budding entrepreneurs of pitching to people who can say ‘yes’ (yeah, screw those who say no!).

Amity's Presentation
Amity offers software that lets companies effectively manage all customer lifecycles to quickly grow their SaaS business.

Impression Ventures concluded the 5X5 session with a presentation highlighting the differences in business practices of Venture Capital firms in Canada, and the US.

Impression Venture's Presentation
Impression is a Venture capital firm focused on investing in financial and related technology companies.

No sooner than the 5X5 finished, Pawly was nowhere to be found. We ran around the conference hall to find it, but to no avail. Finally, we found it hanging by the bar, and enjoying guzzling beer! That was so Pawly-licious! Boy doesn’t it live its life!

Pawly taking a well deserved break at it's booth. Photo Credit: Tech Toronto
Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed meeting immensely interesting and curious tech enthusiasts and listening to presentations in the 5X5 session. Thank you so much YEDI for giving us the opportunity to participate in this amazing event! We look forward to participating in more Tech TO Meetups in the coming months!

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